the birth of metaphysik.

As I was sinking into abyss and sleep depraved due to the continuous sound of heavy traffic, I found comfort in music, mainly power electronics and it’s derivatives. I was on max survival mode and all was becoming a big dark chaotic cloud. The clubs I was attending were become more uninteresting. There was no challenge.

I thought to organise an evening which represented the actual pulse of dance music of 2011 (so I thought in my state). I felt dance music was shifting towards something darker then. I couldn’t find any answers and had to do something. I wanted to bring worlds together. I invited drone master AUN, versatile artist/producer Hadamard and Transistors of Mercy as analog live improv session to open the night. Super talented Moran Sandorovich perform as well. I called the event ‘Metaphysik’ which explained my concept pretty well. It was actually disastrous in a way and successful in an other. Some didn’t appreciate the night till this day and to them I wish *censored*, others thankfully got it!

After this odd rendez-vous, I got back to my daily heavy environmental noise pollution. I noticed music (mainly pe and death industrial) became a blanket, a wall of sound that camouflaged the daily infectious noise. Dark ambient was screaming between the layers of noise, sounding even more grim. I notice the physical strength and ability of music, that frequencies can be used as a physical tool. On a random day, I came accross Asolaar and his music on the net. The first three seconds of his recording blew my mind. Images rapidly flashed, illustrating the scenario and there it was, my answer. THAT was the future of music and the direction it should take. I decided at that moment that I needed a label. And it would be called… metaphysik.